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I love various different types of crafts and have had a dabble at most over the years, some with greater success than others. I believe that apart from loving and giving, being creative is the next most important thing to do. There is something about being creative that taps into something deep within us that makes us feel good with the world. But then we were made in the image of God, God The Creator... so I guess being creative will be second nature to us if we allow. The problem is that many people will not have a go because they make the mistake of measuring themselves against others... and that is just not a good thing to do. I create because I like to create, not because I have to impress anyone else or be better than anyone else. I created this blog with a lot of help from my son-in-law, as a personal scrap book that I am happy to share with others if they wish to take a look.... Enjoy <><

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Merry Monday Nativity Scene Challenge

This was another real problem solver for me this weekend having to produce a card for the Merry Monday challenge. I really like Nativity scenes but it seems nigh on impossible to purchase Christmas stamps or dies in England out of season. I just could not face using the one die I already have and used to 'death'.
My sister-in-law is here for a holiday and she was telling me about Iris folding. This was something I had never heard about before and whilst it would have been great to have had a go, I simply just did not have the time to learn so decided to do a cheating version and just cut out lots of strips of paper to make up a nativity picture. I then mounted these onto backing papers and this is the result.  It was a very fiddly and time consuming card but I had so much pleasure figuring out a process and actually achieving it.  I think I will do this again.... a great way to use up scraps also.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Christmas Cuckoo Clock in Wood Grain, Craft and White

Wood grain, craft and white was the challenge this week from Merry Monday.
I didn't have anything in real wood, had no wood paper, so once I got the idea of a cuckoo clock  into my head, set about downloading a picture of some wood.  I used this to piece together lots of bits of pieces which I cut and paste on the computer, creating some extra shapes to be cut out so that I could decoupage this card.  It took me about three hours to make as it was very fiddly.  I used the clipart on my computer for the bird and the clock face, using a die cut for the Christmas story to decorate the clock.
To try and add interest, I cut the top of the card the shape of the clock.

This view shows the cut out shape

Graham's Chess Birthday Card

Graham's Birthday Card 2016
This card was designed with the weekly chess games he and my husband play each week.