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I love various different types of crafts and have had a dabble at most over the years, some with greater success than others. I believe that apart from loving and giving, being creative is the next most important thing to do. There is something about being creative that taps into something deep within us that makes us feel good with the world. But then we were made in the image of God, God The Creator... so I guess being creative will be second nature to us if we allow. The problem is that many people will not have a go because they make the mistake of measuring themselves against others... and that is just not a good thing to do. I create because I like to create, not because I have to impress anyone else or be better than anyone else. I created this blog with a lot of help from my son-in-law, as a personal scrap book that I am happy to share with others if they wish to take a look.... Enjoy <><

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Perfume Bottle - Betty's Birthday Card 2016

Bettys birthday card this year was a perfume bottle which I made by cutting out a card the shape of a bottle from something else I had. I covered it in velum to try and create a frosted glass appearance, added a Christmas bauble die cut I made and then cheated by using a couple of items in my bits and pieces box... the tassle and the circle.

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  1. this is just such a wonderful card and i'm so lucky to have received it!!!